Is Alice Camera the best camera For Music Events?

If you're a music and festival blogger or concert photographer the Alice Camera, an AI camera, can help you improve your productivity, produce better content and stand out in the niche for your clients.

May 17, 2022
Laura Macijauskaite
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Alice Camera For Music Events


Are you a music and festival blogger, concert photographer or maybe just a music fanatic who wants to improve your productivity, produce better content and stand out in the niche for your clients? 

Choosing the right camera gear can be the key to the gateway of more creative opportunities. In this article we’ll be looking at how our progressive device Alice can help you produce better content faster stress-free and how your marketing strategy can benefit from the immense and ever-growing power of computation.

Easy Set Up Gear for Easier Workflow

We all know the struggle of carrying too many tools to festivals or gigs, having our hands occupied all the time, having pain in the neck from the camera strap, not to mention the regrets about missing out on the exclusive stage moments because we were too busy adjusting the camera settings. Let’s be real, going and shooting at gigs or festivals can be quite difficult if the gear is heavy and requires a lot of attention when setting up. 

To address these issues, our engineering team has worked on a smart body device that could be set up without demanding much effort and would allow us to capture the whole experience of a music festival or gig in one click. Here’s what Alice Camera can offer:

  1. Minimal body device which is compact and easy to carry around. Can be set up within a minute. 
  1. Works in sync with your phone for better functionality and easy and simple interface navigation which leads to smoother and faster workflows.
  1. Has an interchangeable lens system allowing you to experiment with Micro Four Thirds lenses. You can easily attach the body to the tripod or have an external microphone if you need one.
  1. The camera does not require constant adjustments as it’s ready to shoot in any conditions. More about the integrated artificial intelligence and computational methods and their benefits will be discussed below.

Modern Camera Features for Better Performance

Being a music blogger or concert photographer can be a tough job. Professionals earning from this field might work 5-6 nights a week, finishing late and editing pictures the same night to send to the editor, venue or musicians who hired them. With the right gear content creators could simplify and speed up their complex workflows. In this section we’ll be looking at some of the modern features that Alice can offer to make you perform better in the field.


The intuitive user-friendly app allows you to take and edit photos simultaneously. It will greatly improve your workflow as users no longer have to wait for the event to end before moving on to editing the images. 


What complements the fast post-processing of your footage is the easy and effortless shareability to any of your social media platforms. You can update your Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or other platform audiences straight away within a click on your phone. 


The live-streaming has been essential for any creator’s marketing strategy over the years, allowing creators to interact with the audience on a more organic level. Alice can be used for capturing live performances and events as it has a live-streaming feature on its software. 

The technique is also commonly utilized to report authentic footage from behind the scenes, host interviews with musicians before or after the gig, do Q&A’s as well as effortlessly keep your audience excited and enthusiastic by creating trustworthy connections through authentic and exclusive moments shared online.

The consistent band / musician story mentions give benefits for both the content producer and the musicians itself, allowing for more reach and engagement on both sides which only increases with consistency.

We recommend you to read our article “Is Computation the Future of Influencer Marketing” if you’d like to know more about how you can utilize  Alice computation power to maximize your marketing strategy.


Any of the aforementioned wouldn’t matter if the quality doesn’t live up to your audience's expectations. Which is why, the AI-chip integrated in the camera easens the process yet maintains the high quality you would get from a traditional heavy DSLR. It pushes the camera to perform better and faster, allowing its owner to simply relax and enjoy the gig. Here’s some of the advantages that the AI camera can offer:

  • A fast focus system
  • The ability to shoot in low light
  • A high frame rate
  • The capacity to shoot in 4K

Alongside the abundance of benefits such as auto-focus, image enhancement and denoising (to know more about computational camera advantages read our article “How you can benefit from computational photography”. 


Content creation is a wide spectrum and exciting lifestyle which has been driven by people’s love and passion for creation. A better camera can make our experience more exciting and let us create in a way that it doesn’t feel like a tedious job.

Alice Camera Team believes that AI and Computation is what can truly  answer the needs of content creators and expand our views on the way we make content. 

Let us know what you think! Join us on our Instagram and Facebook, get into conversations with other content creators, share your portfolio and exchange ideas.

Thank you!

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