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your next camera is a computer

Alice Camera™ is an AI-accelerated computational camera being built in Britain from the ground up for content creators. An interchangeable lens camera with a dedicated AI-chip that elevates machine learning and pushes the boundaries of what a camera can do. Alice is in concept prototype stage and will be available on Indiegogo in February 2021. Place your pre-order now to secure an early bird offer.

Alice's story

We're a team of engineers, data scientists and content creators and we've spent the last ten months building Alice because in our view cameras have seriously lacked meaningful innovation over the last ten years. We believe you deserve an optical device more suited to the next decade.
November 2019 - first working demo
January 2020 - second working demo
March 2020 - first concept design
April 2020 - second concept design refined by customer feedback
July 2020 - third concept design refined by customer feedback
Sept 2020 - Physical aluminium model (body only no electronics)

What alice can do for you

Alice has been designed with content creators in mind. Below are six benefits Alice will offer you:
Smartphone integrated design that is easy to operate
Fast WiFi enabled mobile app to instantly share content
Excellent UX/UI to improve workflow and post-processing
AI-enabled auto focus, exposure, colour science & more
Pro-quality sensor and flexible, interchangeable lens mount system
Innovation at an affordable price


The ultra super early bird price offer for the first 100 customers is now SOLD OUT!


Be one of our first customers to place a pre-order via a £50 deposit and you'll get the Alice Camera (body only) for a super early bird price of £550 when the Alice Camera launches on Indiegogo in February 2021. View our pre-order policy here.
pre-order | £50 Deposit


The RRP price of the Alice Camera (body only) will be £750. We want to offer you up to £300 off if you choose to back us on Indiegogo. We will be shipping Alice in Summer 2021.
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Take Alice Everywhere

Alice is a compact and low-profile camera which can be mounted onto the back of almost any standard smartphone. An ergonomic handle enables better hand placement and stability whilst capturing your scenes.

Change the lens

Alice uses the Micro Four Thirds lens mount, the most flexible and compact interchangeable lens system around, with over 50 professional-quality lenses available. Attach an adapter to use lenses with different mounts too!
The micro fourth thirds lens mount is one of the most flexible. Use lenses from other cameras with an adapter.

a perfect sensor for video

Alice's Micro Four Thirds sensor excels in low light conditions and allows you to capture high-quality 4K video with no crop. Large pixel sizes and an innovative Quad Bayer structure enable exceptionally low noise and high dynamic range.

Alice is intelligent

Artificial Intelligence is transforming photography in the 2020s like digital technology did back in the 1990s. Alice has been designed from the ground up to harness AI and computational photography for modern content creators, offering you new capabilities and techniques for autofocusing, autoexposure, colour science and more.

seamless workflow

The Alice Camera native app will provide you with a familiar smartphone user interface and experience. It will be easy to use and navigate with touchscreen interface and customisation. The camera system and firmware will improve with future software updates through our app.

more control with alice

We want to give creatives as much control as possible. We will be providing open-source software access to Alice allowing you to deeply customise your creative process, encouraging collaboration and software development. Regular software updates means Alice will stay up-to-date with the latest computational photography technology and features.

Stream live. any where any time

Fast wireless data transfer between camera and phone gives you a seamless real-time viewfinder on your smartphone. Instantly share your content to social media and live stream directly to your favourite platform. A selfie screen will appear when you turn your phone around so that you can view yourself at all times. Alice will even work when your phone is not attached. You can set up across the room and have your phone in your hand and content will still stream. Double whammy!

Manufactured locally and sustainably

The design, development and manufacturing of Alice will take place locally in Britain. We have strong partnerships with leading UK institutions such as the Digital Catapult and UCL, and innovative technology firms such as Nvidia, Aetha Design and Additive Flow.
July 2019. Photogram was founded on Entrepreneur First, an international Talent Investor, which supports individuals to build technology companies.
August 2019. Photogram is based at UCL BaseKX, UCL university incubator hub in King’s Cross, London.
November 2019. Photogram made it onto Nvidia's Inception Program, a deep learning & AI startup accelerator.
January 2020. Photogram made it onto London & Partners, the Mayor of London's PR Agency, Business Growth Programme.
February 2020. Photogram made it onto the Digital Catapult's Machine Intelligence Garage programme.
April 2020. Photogram started working with Bournemouth-based Aetha Design founded by ex-Dyson engineers.

watch Alice's story

We've spoken about Alice at some of the most influential AI conferences for createch startups in the UK.
Vishal Kumar, CEO of Photogram speaking at Beyond Conference in November 2019
Photogram launched the Alice Camera pre-launch video in April 2020.
Photogram was announced as one of the Createch Ones to Watch at the CogX AI festival in May 2020.


4K@30FPS & 1080p@60fps
Micro Four Thirds
11mp 4/3 quad bayer HDR
pixel size
deep learning colour science
electronic image stabilisation
AI-driven auto exposure
Ai-driven auto focus
Micro sd card
3.5mm Microphone jack
5ghz wifi