Is Alice Camera the best camera for Food Bloggers & Vloggers?

Ever wondered what is the best camera device for taking better food photography or making excellent cooking vlogs? Alice Camera, our AI camera, can take your food culinary photography to the next level with more enjoyable and less complicated gourmet kitchen vlogs or live-streams. 

May 10, 2022
Laura Macijauskaite
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Alice Camera for Food Bloggers & Vloggers 

Ever wondered what is the best camera device for taking better food photography or making excellent cooking vlogs? Our team has developed an AI device -  Alice Camera that can take your food culinary photography to the next level in addition to promising more enjoyable and less complicated gourmet kitchen vlogs or live-streaming classes. 

Here you’ll find out a couple of things that can be simplified in your workflow by the help of the intelligent and progressive Alice, keep reading!

Easy and Simple Camera Set Up

Let’s be real, a simple camera set up routine is essential for making regular and consistent content without having to worry about complicated camera settings and adjustments that take away the pleasure from work. Inspired by the idea of challenging out-dated notions of digital photography, our team has focused on engineering  a camera  that would be simple and effective for everyone whether you’re an amateur or a professional in the world of content production. 

Alice device has a simplified design body that is easy to hold, can be adjusted on the tripod and can have external microphone for better audio quality if a voiceover method is not your thing. 

Other exciting features would be micro four thirds sensor and interchangeable lens system with an AI chip that does support further camera learning, minimizing the work required on a camera as minimum as possible. 

Fast Post-Processing

Another key thing in the making of the outstanding content around your kitchen adventures is the editing apps. Great news, with Alice hours spent on photoshop are long gone, camera body works in sync with your phone, maintaining the easy-to-use app functionality and image sharing features of a smartphone. 

Quick and smooth post-processing that includes on app editing and sharing content to social media pages straight after allows you to trim down and speed up your workflow instead of wasting time on transferring footage to your laptop and spending hours on photoshop editing. 

Pro DSLR Quality

Quality is indeed important in the abundance of content online. The product we offer has been built combining the outstanding superior quality of DSLR/mirrorless cameras together with the connectivity of smartphones.

​​”Alice will have better connectivity than a DSLR and higher quality than a smartphone and, rest assured, it has been designed with content creators and vloggers in mind.”- Alice Camera Team

Our engineers have worked with computation and AI techniques that would allow us to achieve even better quality results as well as increase usability prospects.

“An AI camera can enhance the mood, tone, texture and vibrancy of images and videos by combining the power of algorithms with popular photo-manipulation techniques allowing anyone to take stunning photos easily despite their skills in photography. “ - Alice Camera Team

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Live Streaming

It’s not a secret that in the new decade people starve for more authentic content and interaction online. Thanks to the live-streaming ability on the software, amateur, professional food bloggers, chefs and restaurateurs can explore new possibilities available at the door such as providing more organic footage to engage their followers or hosting remote culinary classes that sky-rocketed in demand after the pandemic hit. 

Some useful advice for live-streaming your classes or vlogs can be found on the Beverly Boy article here.

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We are proud to introduce a cutting-edge new decade camera that is designed to make creators  improve their productivity and speed up their workflows at home. Now you can snap, edit, share or live-stream your cooking sessions from one simple device and maintain professional quality without big effort at an affordable price! 

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Thank you!

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