How the Alice Camera can help cover fashion events

The Alice Camera is an AI camera designed for the creative industry to maximise your performance and help avoid an otherwise nerve-wracking experience.

April 26, 2022
Laura Macijauskaite
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How the Alice Camera can help cover fashion events



Events, concerts, store openings, parties, collection launches, you name it.

Blogger fashion events are all about creating a buzz around the brands giving an opportunity for all online content makers and emerging brands to provide some interesting footage from the industry to their following.

The Alice Camera is an AI camera tool combining powerful processors, cutting-edge AI-accelerated hardware and modernised user interfaces that it’s designed for the creative industry to maximise your performance and help avoid an otherwise nerve-wracking experience.

In this article we will be looking into how the technological design of our multi-purposed and versatile device can solve some of the issues that many content creators face in the blogging niche, and how it can further your content to the next level, by providing the maximum of professionalism in the easiest package never encountered on the market.  

In the following steps we will go through the features of our Alice Camera and how it can help you rock any blogger event scene as an ace, let’s get into it! 

Easy Set Up Camera Gear

You want to make sure that you can capture the best moments, and that it is easy for you to do so. For an easy vlogging experience you should consider investing in a content creator camera gear with an easy set up. That would allow you to easily film from different angles and capture all the interesting details happening in the event.

When it comes to gear, you probably would agree that smartphones are easier to carry around yet their quality doesn’t really cut the edge. Most professional bloggers still prefer DSLRs for the professional quality photos and videos for a better looking report, however, the downsides of it would be the time wasted on trying to figure out the settings, the set up can be not fast enough for the chaotic ever-changing scene, plus you would still want to update your social media audiences about the show or presentation from your phone, meaning your hands would always be occupied with the additional gear. 

Alice Camera has been designed to solve this ever-going dilemma by introducing a pocket size body device that can be used together with your smartphone, retain the simplicity of the iphone but have the quality of the DSLR, also allowing the use of interchangeable lenses. You would no longer need to waste your time on trying to figure out the right settings for different angles or worry about shooting in dark conditions. In this article “How You Can Benefit from Computational Photography“ you could learn more about the denoising and colour correction capabilities that are installed in the camera

Quick photo editing

With the right tools, editing pictures after a show can be a breeze. With Alice you can edit your photos with just a few taps on your phone and straight away share it on your social media platforms. 

This will save you time from the tedious and time-consuming job of transferring everything onto your laptop, scrolling through piled up files and editing them on Photoshop - all the same night after the event.  Which can be overwhelming for any beginner blogger. 

The AI-powered photo editor is designed to make it easier for people who are not experts in photo editing to get the best out of their pictures. It is ideal for those who need a quick fix or just want to give their pictures a little touch up before sharing them online. 


Most often you will see live-streaming employed by pro bloggers broadcasting fashion shows live, filming backstage Q&A interviews or simply interacting with their audiences in the live moment. 

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Live streaming is now being used in fashion events as a way for the audience to get closer to the designers and models, as well as for the designers and models themselves for promotion.  

It’s an important and perhaps one of the most efficient methods allowing your viewers to be able to see everything that is happening in the event in real time, without having to wait for it all to be edited into a video. The outstanding live-streaming quality provided will deliver a high definition viewer experience with no big effort.

Content distribution on multiple channels

Our modern device offers a connectivity advantage for those who want to share their pictures with their social media audiences straight away.

It’s important for bloggers to share their content instantly after attending shows or presentations, not leaving a single moment unnoticed.  

The Alice camera makes it effortless to share your pictures by simply pressing the button. This new invention is perfect for people who want to share their life in a seamless way.


The indispensable demands of social media promotion can at times prove problematic and time consuming. The Alice Camera has been developed with the user experience in mind, topped up by a sleek design. that will simplify your work and allow you to film, take photos, edit, share and life-stream from one device, on the go!

We have therefore created a unique camera device that would ease your workflow, increase your productivity and efficiency, allow you to film, take photos, share, live-stream and edit on the go without breaking the bank, worrying about additional gear or wasting time on extended workflow.

We believe that computational photography and artificial intelligence is what’s really going to answer the complex needs of content creators and creators of all natures. 

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Thank you!

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