Alice Camera For Lifestyle Creators

As a professional lifestyle creator Alice Camera will help you produce exceptional quality content allowing you to share content seamlessly to your audience.

June 21, 2022
Laura Macijauskaite
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Alice Camera For Lifestyle Creators

The post-pandemic climate has inevitably changed how people produce content and interact with their audiences online. Investment in a good camera gear set up has become essential for any such creator who wants to share content from home studio professionally with no big effort and grow a successful business.

Alice Camera For Lifestyle Creators

The best camera for you is the one that is going to give you the best quality images, but also the one that will allow you to work with it in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle and your needs. Whether you’re an amateur or professional lifestyle photographer, blogger or an influencer, our engineers have made an advanced AI-powered device that would not only help you produce exceptional quality content but also would help you perform better in the rapidly growing field of lifestyle creators.

Furthermore in this article we’ll examine the benefits of the Alice Camera, taking a closer look into how its modern features can help you achieve a better and more productive workflow and climb the ladder of a successful creative career.


There’s a saying, “The best camera is the one you always have with you”. This saying couldn’t be more relevant today when content creation has become a huge part of our lives. For that reason, minimalistic Alice Camera has been made as a pocket size compact camera that fits in the palm and is easy to carry around, giving freedom in exploring all the different angles. But that’s not all, the body has been made to support interchangeable lens systems similarly to DLSRs. It can be easily attached onto a tripod for more stability or have a microphone for a more professional sound appeal. 

While some people still overlook the importance of having a camera with a compact body size, the truth is, investing in one means it can always be with you whenever you’re finding inspiration to snap or record moments along the way.


Creators can not only benefit from a simple set up due to the minimal body design but also easy control and sufficient functionality. It’s pretty obvious that if your content revolves around lifestyle, wellbeing, or simply covering topics on different day-to-day hobbies, you would want to go for a go-to camera type which would be ready to shoot at any moment in any location.

We believe, sufficiency is a core element in the lifestyle sector, where bloggers create beyond 9 to 5 regime, and therefore camera adjusting should no longer be unnecessarily complex and time-consuming. To address this dilemma, Alice was made with an easy and fast control in mind. Integrated user-friendly software interface makes it easier for people just starting in photography or  videography. Navigation of the professional camera can be indeed that simple, equal to that of your phone, enabling even faster shoot processes.

“The Alice Camera is a Micro Four Thirds camera that attaches to the back of your smartphone. An app on your phone connects with Alice Camera via WiFi and gives you all the benefits of a modern user experience, user interface, and the connectivity of your smartphone.” - Alice Camera CEO Vishal Kumar for The Phoblographer, 2022.


What makes our device distinctive is that not only would you produce content faster and more competently but also would produce images and videos that live up to the highest standard quality that you would get from DSLRs.

Camera’s AI and computation-driven capabilities promise astounding and smart on-camera performance making your shots come out more enhanced, vivid, and toned thanks to the running algorithmic processes. In this article “How You Can Benefit From Computational Photography”, we discover more about how computation can produce exceptional images without much effort, so you don’t have to spend hours on Photoshop. 


Speaking of the image post-processing, Alice can cut the standard post-processing of DSLR cameras by half by streamlined shoots, optimised edit tools, effortless navigation and sharing capabilities all integrated in the app that connects with Alice Camera via WiFi.

Alongside on-camera working algorithmic processes that make images appear better, after taking a shot, you would no longer have to wait for your files to be transferred to your laptop as you can edit your pictures on the go and share it with your social media audiences within a few clicks on your phone. 

As a result, you’re saving time from moving your files from one device to another, meaning you’re left with more time for creativity. Hence, quicker content uploads lead to more consistent and efficient interaction with your watchers online.

Being consistent and sharing the content you make fast is key, yet being able to provide genuine, closer to real life moments is what will get you more reach and higher retention rates.

“What we see all the time people want to be closer and closer to the real story” ; “there’s so many steps that you would just neutralize and make it a lot easier for creators to shoot content on the go”. Martin Solhaugen

According to DaCast “92% of mobile users share videos, while live streaming has 114% more mobile views than other forms of content” which lend credibility for live-streaming as a tool dominating the marketing niche.


For full creative capacity, Alice has a live-streaming feature which would allow you to share real live moments in 4k quality from the same device, simultaneously, allowing you to bond with your audience on a more personal level. We discuss more about what influence does computation have in regards to influencer marketing in our article “Is Computation the Future of Influencer Marketing?” Take a look!


Given by AI and computational power, we’re now able to bridge the effortless, fast performance and connectivity of the smartphones and outstanding superior quality of traditional old cameras, all while fitting in the pocket. This progression has a potential to positively change the way content creators perform daily and interact with their audiences.

If you’d like to know more about the device and how it can help your lifestyle content production become an easy and quick endeavor, we invite you to become a member of our community! You can find us on Facebook and Instagram where you can get more insights about the device and the community around it. 

Thank you!

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