Alice Camera For Food Bloggers: In conversation with Erica Twingler

Alice Camera helps you make your gourmet home kitchen experiences easier than ever by eliminating the technical obstacles that modern content creators face. We’re having conversations with food influencer, Erica Twingler from Wonder Greens Blog, about her camera gear and the process she goes through the create her content online.

August 9, 2022
Laura Macijauskaite
3 minutes
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Alice Camera For Food Bloggers: In conversation with Erica Twingler

Food photography doesn’t need to be complicated, art that requires a lot of skill and hours of practice. This is where Alice Camera comes in! To make your gourmet home kitchen experiences easier than ever before by eliminating some of the most dreadful technical obstacles that modern content creators face every day. 

To answer some of the most asked questions about AI camera, in this article we are having a discussion with Erica Twingler who’s behind Wonder Greens Blog, featuring some beautifully plated, mouthwatering recipes and looking into how one intelligent camera device can turn flour-dusted tables around in the world of content baking, or should we say making? Let’s dive in!

@Wondergreens is a healthy holistic page that Erica seamlessly runs alongside her Naturopathic nutrition studies. The Instagram page has become the main platform for a blogger to promote her healthy lifestyle by showcasing very personal blissful practices in a form of well-rounded aesthetic imagery and video content. 

Furthermore in the interview, we’re exploring the role of a holistic food blogger, the agenda behind it and how Alice Camera can simplify the usual workflow and level up her day to day performance. 

I use my Instagram page to document the daily holistic practices that make me feel my most authentic healthy self- and that is mainly through good nutrition. I want to inspire others to do the same. What we consume is the most influential factor to our wellbeing in my opinion. As food is something I consume every day there’s always something for me to snap a photo and comment upon. I do also have a list of recipe inspirations that I want to create and photograph – and these will be more elaborate and organized with the right equipment and tools.” - Erica

What camera gear do you currently use to create content and interact with your audience?

I use a Fujifilm x-t20 camera that I bought second hand, I am no expert in cameras, I purchased it with the help from a friend who knows all about cameras. I mainly use it to film recipes and take photos of my creations, whilst for daily vlog style videos I typically use my iPhone.

What’s important to you in regards to camera performance? 

I would say the quality of the images. For a long time I used my iPhone only, but since buying this camera the quality and appeal of the photos have completely changed. Lighting and exposure is so important- I want my pictures to be bright and lively.

What technical obstacles do you usually face when working with your current camera? How does it affect your workflow and how you interact with your followers?

Obstacles (or rather inconveniences) I could think of would be:

 -Always needing to have it on hand. Most of the time when I am out in town or at restaurants, I don’t bring my camera. It’s somewhat a pity because being outside my home kitchen is a big part of my page content.

 -Lighting is my biggest one. On hazy or darkish days, it’s tough to get proper lighting for my content without having to buy external photography light gadgets. 

 -I always need my tripod. This is yet another tool I need to have on hand.

 -I do not currently do high quality vlog videos because it doesn’t come naturally to go get my camera every time I feel like talking to my followers on my Instagram stories.

What Alice camera features stand out to you the most?

-The quality of DSLR/mirrorless cameras that have higher quality than a smartphone attracts me the most. iPhone camera quality is constantly getting outdated and it’s just not sustainable as a content creator to buy the new iPhone for the sake of the camera..

 -The accessibility. I only need to bring my iPhone with the Alice camera and a tripod. I don’t have to think about bringing a second camera. The photos will be directly uploaded onto my iPhone, which makes it super easy to post instantly. 

-The quality of spontaneous vlog style videos is much more doable with the Alice camera. 

-The size, I can bring it anywhere at any time and not have to feel like it’s an extra burden.

What do you think Alice Camera could change in your workflow?

It will be easy to bring along with me so it would make me take a lot more food content outside of my home.  

I will be more open to doing live streams as the quality of the camera microphone will be professional. 

What has also been challenging for me has been navigating around my camera settings and adjustments- it takes hours to master them, and I’m simply not into those things…, hence the Alice camera will definitely ease up my workflow in that sense.

What advice would you give for aspiring food bloggers who want to progress with their careers?

You must be willing to invest time and effort (and some money) in yourself even when you are not making money out of your passion. 

When I started paying attention to details in my picture, such as buying prettier plates, or when I started buying photo editing presets, setting up a schedule and making schedules for my content- this is when my number of followers grew. It’s a slow process, but it is worth every second. I don’t overthink my content set-up too much, it always seems to naturally flow. When I try to force something, it often goes wrong, and the content does not come out great. I’ve learnt to be patient! 

 I am in no way where I want to be yet, but I do take moments to appreciate how far my page has come, and I always give it 110 percent. If you love what you are posting and creating, the people who follow you will see this authenticity and originality and be drawn to your work. There are always people out there that will support you. Fully take in those online strangers who are your number one supporters and admire the work of someone that they do not know in real life.

Thank you for inspiring words Erica! Make sure you check her platform of holistic deliciousness and get inspired!  

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Thank you!

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